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Baby Toys 6 Months

Best Toys for a 6 Month Old Baby 2012:

When my son was six months old he had lots of toys. However there were some he hardly touched and others he loved and would play with everyday.
In this article I have tried to highlight the toys I would recommend for a six month old baby based on the toys my son loved and played with. I think when buying for a sixth month old it’s good to choose toys that have lots of different play options so they are likely to play with them everyday without getting bored. It’s also good to choose toys that will last for a little while and grow with the child. I have tried to recommend toys for different price ranges. I hope you find some inspiration on what to buy a six month old baby in the suggestions below.

6 Month Old Baby Development:

You and your baby are best buddies these days. You’re sharing everything from mashed bananas to bowel movements. And, curiously, unlike with your other best friends, the bowel movement stuff isn’t TMI.
What You’re Thinking: “Me and my baby are totally BFFs … or at least until he’s 12 and realizes that I’m so ‘not cool.’”

Baby Milestones By now, your baby is probably very good at getting everything into his mouth. Did he learn that watching you with the pint of Ben & Jerry’s? Either way, watch out for toys with small parts and other potential choking hazards around the house.
Your baby will enjoy playing for longer periods of time now, so feel free to extend your play sessions, i.e., 47 rounds of peek-a-boo instead of 26.
Though baby hasn’t yet mastered the art of screaming “Mama” and “Dada” at the top of his lungs just yet, he is likely beginning to develop his own system for getting your attention through various noises and movements. He’ll continue to hone this plan over the coming months … until he does finally master the art of screaming “Mama” and “Dada” at the top of her lungs.

Mommy Milestones:

You didn’t cry when your baby got her 6-month shots (but you were definitely tearing up).
You find yourself wanting to buy toys that your child can’t even play with for months (and sometimes years) to come. Now who is that Slip ‘n’ Slide really for, hmmm?
You’re becoming proficient at removing food stains from clothing.
You finally gave your stroller a much-needed cleaning (and found things in the grooves that you don’t want to talk about).

Home Front:

At 6 months old, you may be finding that your baby is tiring of her “regular toys” (i.e., her feet, her toes and your keys). When you and she are ready to take it up a notch in the toy department, check out our tips on fabulous baby toys that she’ll love to play with, but that won’t break the bank. Read more …
Everything you ever wanted to know … and were just about to ask …
My baby has a temperature of 99 degrees. Should I call the doctor?
Make Your Own Baby Toys
How early can I tell if my child has autism?
Should my newborn get a flu shot?

Baby Toys 6 Months:

When I learned that Playskool had kicked off an educational initiative and was asked whether I would help promote it, I readily agreed. Anything promoting education has my name on it. I know what you are thinking: But doesn’t Playskool make toys, and so it is just playing? No way. I may not be reading the parenting books so much now but the first 2 years I devoured them. Look except for crying and pooping I REALLY wanted to know that they could do more. So like the engineer in me I needed to know what to expect. Turns out in between all that pooping and crying they do manage to do some learning, granted it is hard to notice in between all those diaper changes.

New Baby Toys 6 Months:

Ezra needs some bright-colored soft plush toys — for at home and on the go. Lamaze offers many creatures that are fun and have many sounds and textures. We decided on Freddie the Firefly which, according to Amazon, offers “hours of fun” for babies:
Stimulates baby’s vision and auditory skills
Soft velour body and multiple textures on the wings keep baby engaged
Tethered ladybug teether and knotted antennae perfect for chewing
These descriptions always crack me up, but now that I have my own child, I buy into all of this. I really do think that babies need the auditory and visual stimulations! And I think he just looks like a lot of fun.

Activity Zebra Baby Toys:

Activity Zebra baby toy is a ride-on zebra that will keep little kids happy and moving. It’s veritable play center, with plenty of activities and accessories, including mirrors, rattles, crinkling textures and little horns. The zebra is designed to be child ready, and a 6 month old child can start moving around using the zebra. At that age, play with any toy should include parental supervision.Activity Zebra supports kids when they are first learning to walk. As they become more proficient, it becomes yet another toy they can sit on, play on, and have fun with. Activity Zebra makes a great gift for a toddler. Whether a boy or a girl, the child will have endless fun with the zebra.

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